The Nursery is located within a Large Detached Victorian House. The premises have undergone extensive Refurbishment in order to provide an environment that suitable for the Child’s Development and Care.

In pursuit of our Primary Objective of being able to provide the best level of care possible our initial focus fell on the layout of the building itself. Our primary target was to ensure that the building was suitably laid out for the purpose of a Children Day Nursery. As such an extensive refurbishment had to be undertaken, which effectively required the entire building to be totally gutted out in order to produce a layout, which meets our primary objective.

This total refit has also provided us the opportunity to upgrade all the Services within the Building, which now conform to the stricter Commercial Building Regulation Standards. It also provided us the opportunity to install additional facilities that the Children will benefit from e.g. Computer Networks.

The Refurbishment has not solely be contained to the Interior of the Building as the Outside Area, has been totally re-landscaped to provide a secure Child Friendly Area that the Children can play in comfortably.

Security plays an important role within the Nursery, as such all the latest security equipment has been installed to provide the highest level of protection. This not only takes the shape of the more obvious security features i.e. Alarm, CCTV & Video Door Entry but also additional safety equipment such the Outdoor Rubber Wet Pour Safety Surface.

The Children's Play Areas are located over the first 2 floors of the building. With the Nursery being sub-divided into 4 Distinct Areas, which are:




•Outdoor Area

The purpose of breaking the Nursery into each of these areas is to ensure that the Children get the best level of care by ensuring the surroundings meet the needs of the Children.

A room is divided into 2 Areas:

* Carpeted

* Messy

Each area has a number of activities that are suitable for the type of Flooring within the Room. Hence within the Messy Area the following activities take place:

* Arts & Crafts

* Malleable Play

* Sand Play

* Water Play


Baby Play Area

This is carpeted Play Area that the Babies can explore and play in safely. The area is furnished in order to meet the Sensory & Physical Development needs of a Baby, whilst also offering a cosy environment in which the Babies can feel comfortable.

Quiet Room

The Quiet Room is located next to the Babies Play area with the sole purpose of ensuring that Babies are not disturbed whilst sleeping.

Baby Nappy Change Room

In order to maintain our objective of providing a Safe, Clean & Hygienic environment a Special Baby Unit has been imported.

The unit is an all in one unit that allows the Staff to not only Change the Babies Nappy, but also has a Baby Bath Installed in case we need to wash the Baby. It also allows for suitable disposable of any soiled Nappies.

The Babies also have the opportunity to use some of the Toddlers Facilities, as they are located within the same room.


Within the Carpeted Area the following Activities take place:

* Literacy

* Numeracy

* Home Corner

* Small World Play

* Construction Area

* Physical Activities

The Toddlers share the nappy changing facility, with the Babies as it meet the needs of both age groups.

Carpented Area

Within the Carpeted Area the following Activities take place:

* Literacy

* Numeracy

* Home Corner

* Small World Play

* Construction Area

* Computer Corner

* Physical Activities

The Children's Toilets is located right next to the Play Area, and has been specially designed to meet their needs.




The Garden is a multi-purpose area to be shared by all the Children.

The Garden has been sub-divided in order that the Children can enjoy a number of different activities. As such the Garden has the following areas within it.

* Open Play Area.

* Activity Area

* Role Play

* Water & Sand Play Area

* Arts & Craft

* Grassy Area

The Outdoor Area has taken even greater importance in child development, and is the main reason why there are a number of areas within the garden. Children develop as much outside as they do inside, and as such there should be suitable resources to promote this development





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