Thank you so much for all that you've done for Erin & Kinlow this past year - but also generally how supportive, flexible & understanding you've been! It is much appreciated! We're really going to miss being part of the Rainbow Smiles family! Please also pass on our thanks in particular to Victor for all his yummy food and Janos and team too!

Catriona, Euan, Erin & Kinlow
Mother & Father & Both Children

A huge heartfelt thank you for the love, support & flexibility you have shown towards Finlay over the last 15 months. The range of activities & learning offered to him by your amazing staff is wonderful and delivered in such a nurturing environment that is sensitive to the children's needs. Needless to say we are very sad to be leaving. 

Thank you also for how you have managed the pandemic & kept the families you serve at the center of all of your planning. I never fail to recommend Rainbow Smiles to people & will continue to!

Hayley, Steve, Finlay, & Isla
Mother & Father & Both Children

Our daughter attended Rainbow Smiles full time for nearly two years, 2018-2020. She loved her time at Rainbow and bonded well with the nursery staff from day one. We were really happy with the range of activities she was able to do and saw her blossom during her time there. We were particularly impressed with the wide range of home-cooked healthy food, which encouraged our daughter to have more adventurous eating habits.

Rainbow were very accommodating around our working arrangements when they changed, and helpful about working with us to make sure what was best for our daughter.

Luke B
Father of Child

My son was lucky enough to find a place at Rainbow Smiles this summer after lockdown for six weeks before he started reception. Among the things that impressed most was the team. There is a sense of family and care and community between the teachers, owners, parents, and children. The food was all homemade by the most wonderful chef. Their 'settling in' process was incredibly gentle and sensitive. There was a very detailed intake interview from the owner, and I can see that children who would have a solid start getting ready for school. Each month there is a theme and my son really learned a lot and he loved all the music and many different activities. Great communication with parents regarding their days. There is a little outside garden with different play areas and lots of time outside. The owner and his team were great support for us too. Lovely experience. 

Carla B
Mother of Child


Our little one has been there from age one to three years. Not a single complaint from my child, me, or my wife over the two years. My child is always happy at drop-off (after settling in) and at collection. Staff are always kind to my child, helpful with our requests, accommodating and provides good feedback. Little to no staff turnover over the two years. Owners actively involved in helping. Lots of activities outside when the weather is good. Good website showing activity pictures and details of progress. Overall our experience was simply excellent. Five-star recommendation 

Father of Child


An excellent family-owned and run nursery, where my two sons thrived during their four years at Rainbow Smiles. The care, energy and warmth of the team towards my children was impressive and the boys were so happy to attend. Thank you. 

Father of Child

I cannot recommend this nursery highly enough. Right from the initial settling in days, the staff at Rainbow Smiles have made the process easy and reassuring. Our son settled quickly and the warm, caring, and attentive staff has always kept us up to date on his progress at nursery and their online portal 

has been a very helpful touchpoint and form of communication. The staff ensures a wide variety of activities for the children to participate in. Rainbow Smiles offers excellent value for money in a wonderful, caring environment.

Mother of Child

Thank you so much for all your hardwork. Sending both Edward and Charlotte to Rainbow Smiles was the best decision we have made- so far!

Each and everyone of your team, along the way, have been amazing.

We will miss our Rainbow Smiles days - a lot.

Sam & Will & Charlotte & Edward
Mother & Father & Both Children

Our daughter has been attending Rainbow Smiles since she was 11 months and we are pleased to say the care and developmental support provided by the practitioners has been outstanding. She is very happy at Rainbow Smiles. We receive daily updates on her progress and development and we know this is testament to the loving care and attention she receives from all the staff at Rainbow Smiles. 

Tricia D
Mother of Child


It's not even been a year and Thomas has developed so much during his time at Nursery this year. From his first steps and first words to running, climbing, singing and dancing and lots of kisses and cuddles. Thank you so much for taking such great care of him.

Sarah, Phillip & Thomas M
Mother & Father & Child

Being a first-time mother, I was extremely skeptical about sending my son to a nursery setting. However, from the first day he attended Rainbow Smiles I have never looked back and I am so happy with the choice I made.
Rainbow Smiles is very welcoming, clean and the teaching is second to none. My son takes part in a range of educational activities which also have a fun element. The staff are very attentive and caring and focus on developing the children.The owner is helpful, considerate and extremely accommodating. The on-site chef creates delicious, nutritional healthy meals which I think is a great bonus! I would highly recommend Rainbow Smiles if you are looking for a setting that provides excellent care and has a great parent network. 

Cher S
Mother of Child

We've had our little girl at Rainbow Smiles for nearly two years and she absolutely loves it. Alongside that, the staff are warm, friendly and fun. They have been so kind to us and such a huge asset as I work freelance. To make it possible for me to work flexibly, the nursery swaps and allows us to add on days which has saved me on quite a few occasions. I was recommended the nursery by a neighbour and have since discovered that another friend who lives about 15 minutes away had both of her children there years ago, the kids loved it too and shared their memories of making bread every week. This is a lovely and unique family run business created by people with a lot of care and consideration, making a wonderful environment for the children both physically and mentally. Outstanding, 10 out of 10. 

Ellissa W
Mother of Child


I regard Rainbow Smiles as a first role Nursery. Everyone from top to bottom has been extremely welcoming, helpful and have always gone above and beyond what has been required.

I cannot thank the Rainbow Smiles team enough for the years my daughter Ottie has thoroughly enjoyed here.

Thomas P
Father of Child


We would just like to thank you all for making Theo's time at Rainbow Smiles a happy one. He comes home and will talk about his day and all the adults and children he played with. I know he is going to miss Nursery and you all (including Henry Hoover) very much!

Kim, Philip & Theo C
Mother & Father & Child


A HUGE thank you for helping Archie to settle in to Nursery. We really appreciate your care & the warmth that you show towards him. It makes leaving Archie in a different environment that little bit easier for us.

Laura & Michael C
Mother & Father of Child


We wanted to say a huge thank you for looking after Effie over these last 16 months. Effie has absolutely loved being with you and i think your care has helped shape her into the happy, confident and fulfilled little person she has become. Thank you for everything! It is with great sadness that she'll be leaving your care, albeit in somewhat challenging times.   

Rosie, Colin, & Effie M
Mother & Father & Child


Just a little something to say thank you! Calvin & I really appreciate all you do,  April really enjoys Nursery & its a great comfort to us during these crazy times!!! THANK YOU!! 

Jenna & Calvin E
Mother & Father of Child


Rainbow Smiles has been a fantastic nursery for our little boy. From day one the staff were reassuring, caring and attentive. As a family run business it felt there was a much close connection with every member of staff knowing every single child. We're sad to be leaving Rainbow Smiles and hope that our next nursery outside London will be as good an experience as Rainbow Smiles. We particularly valued the online portal and communication each day with staff which gave a transparency and comfort that he was in the best possible hands. 

David S
Father of Child


Rainbow Smiles is absolutely first class, our son and daughter have loved it. The staff are attentive and caring and the focus on early years learning is amazing. Our daughter will often say 'is it Rainbows Smiles tomorrow - YAY!' They have both developed and learnt so much during their time at Rainbow Smiles (and eaten so well too!) Thanks to the management and staff for such dedication, professionalism and making it a great environment for children to learn and grow. 

Euan C
Father of Child

We sent our children to Rainbow Smiles on the recommendation of a friend and we're so glad we did. The kids love it there; the staff, the activities and the overall experience have been great! We have also been really impressed with the management; their professionalism and attention to detail has been excellent and given us confidence in the high quality of care the children receive. I'm always excited to hear about what our daughter (3) has learnt, experienced and enjoyed each day! 

Catriona C
Mother of Child

Just a little thank you for taking such good care of our babies over the last three years. It felt like a leap of faith for us to leave Eliza + Thomas with "strangers" but we soon felt the warmth + playfulness of your staff and have been very happy, as have the children. Sad to say goodbye!

Sarah + Matt Cannon

Can I just thank your lovely team for the excellent care that Alyssa has received thus far. I was very pleasantly surprised to hear her counting to 10! I know that neither I, nor her father have taught her numbers past 5! She keeps saying 'tick tock'to me so I imagine it's either Hickory Dickory Dock or a clock song/game she's been learning. Well done and thank you !

Gemma & Dan Scott

Thank you all so much for everything you have done for Amelia from the Baby Room right up to Pre-School. You all are like her second family and I know she will truly miss you all.


I have loved being with you and will miss you.

Zarrina Assadian

Thank you so so much for looking after me so well this past year! I had a great time learning and having fun with you all and I’m certainly going to miss you! I promise to pop in to say hi to you!

Oscar Kay

Thank you for being an amazing Nursery I have really enjoyed my time here + I will miss you all when I move to South Africa.

Parent: We really appreciate everything you have done for Gigi while she has been at the Nursery. She has really thrived + has lots of fun when she is with you. We are sad to be leaving so soon.


Thank you so much for all of the love, care, support, teaching and learning that you have given to Franklin over the years, since his very first day in the Baby Room. Although he is now ready to make the transition to Reception at Primary School, we will hold many fond memories of Rainbow Smiles.

Alice & Mark Moran

Thank- you very much. Esme has loved coming to Nursery, skipping in every day. Thank you for all your care and teaching over the past almost two years. From Baby Room to Toddler Room.

Chloe & Peter

Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of are Dougie. He has loved his time in the Baby Room & that's hugely down to the wonderful care that you've given him. We loved picking him up, seeing him happily in your arms. We couldn't have wished for a better & safer place for him to start his nursery life.

Amanda & Chris

Pre-School: A heartfelt thank you to you all for the wonderful care & support you have given Sanaa during her time at Rainbow Smiles.

Toddler Room: A very big thank you to you all for the wonderful care and support you have given Sanaa during her time at Rainbow Smiles.

Melanie & Aslam

Thank you for all your hard work and looking after Taylor!


Thank you all for taking such good care of us over the past 3+ years.

Effie & Jenson

Thank you thank you thank you for everything! You have fed, cuddled, educated and take care of Gus like he is your own and we will always be grateful for that. We will miss you all! Please keep in touch

Ana & Mike

Thank you all so much for the time that you have spent teaching and playing with Emily + Mia. They love coming here and will miss you all lots.


Gala has made huge progress in her two years with you; she couldn't walk, talk or even eat when she started, and look at her now!! Thank you all for everything.

John & Cathleen

Thank you so much for all the love and care that you have shown Tom and Anna over the last five years. They have both really thrived in this environment. We will really miss you all and good luck in all your future endeavours!

Niki & Mark

Thank you so much for all the love, care and affection you have given Sam these past 8 months. We are so so sorry to have to move him and know he will miss you all very much indeed. We could not have asked for a lovelier nursery. With all our love & Gratitude.

Alex & Dan Jevons

To all in Pre-School: A massive thank you for looking after Penelope (& Thomas). They have both, but particularly Penelope loved every second of their time at Rainbow Smiles. Penelope is in awe of Bina & Eva and there is not a day that goes by without a mention! I know that Penelope will thrive at school and her learning from pre-school will be instrumental in this.

Thank you so much. It takes a lot to leave them everyday & I personally don't know how you do it but we couldn't have wished for a more loving & caring environment.

To all in Toddler Room: Thank you for all your hard work & love given towards Penelope & Thomas over the years. Both different characters but both have excelled & thrived in the environment of Rainbow Smiles. Their reports have always mentioned their respect for the 'golden rules', and this has been a result of your guidance! They have loved every second, thank you.

To all in the Baby Room: Just a quick note to thank you so much for all the care & love you have given Penelope (& Thomas) over the past 4 years. They are the happiest little people and it was so ensuring when dropping them off everyday that they would be cared for like we would want.

Ellie & David

Thank you for the best 3 years of my life. I will miss you all.

Eloise Powell

Thank you for settling Oliver in to nursery life & making his time with you fun & caring! I hope we can find a nursery as lovely as yours up North!

Natalie McAllister

We would like to say a massive thank you for all the love, care and attention you have given to Jack over the last 18 months. We feel Jack has been very happy at Rainbow Smiles since day 1 and that is all down to all of your hard work and care. We really appreciate the safe, caring, fun environment you provide. Your work is so important.


My daughter visited Rainbow Smiles from the age of one onwards, moving up from the baby room, to toddlers and finally pre-school.  The three and a half years have flown by and now that school start is imminent, it is dawning on us how much Rainbow Smiles and its entire staff will be greatly missed.  It was comforting to know that she was spending her formative years in a safe, fun and above all loving and nurturing environment, surrounded by her special little friends and staff who not only took great care of her, but over the years became good friends as well and like a second family to us.

Thank you very much!!

Julia Blaettry

My son started in the baby room at Rainbow Smiles when he was 10 months old, he progressed through the toddler room and, now nearly 4 years later, he is about to leave for school.

The staff members here are genuinely caring and it was their clear love for the children - along with cheerful bright surroundings that made me choose this nursery. On a trial day I met with the room leader, Robina, and I was able to see how well the children were cared for, there were lots of cuddles but I was impressed with how discipline was dealt with when needed. I believe this level of care was consistent throughout my son’s time at the nursery. My son has always enjoyed attending the nursery and adores and respects the staff. I feel the nursery has prepared him well for school.

The management and staff have always proved to be approachable, flexible and helpful whenever I have requested information or asked questions. The management also seems to be continuously striving for improvement.

It's hard leaving your baby/child with somebody else full-time but I never had any doubts about Rainbow Smiles, I felt the Nursery was consistently a happy environment to leave my son.

Louise Smith

I have been extremely happy with the care my Daughter has received, and the great progress she has made whilst at Rainbow Smiles. The Nursery has been fantastic over the period my child has been there and I know she is in a safe and loving environment. 

The Nursery is clean and well organised.  They provide a wide, fun range of activities including plenty of outdoor exercise.   My Daughter has great fun playing with all the toys, and learning equipment available as well as all the friends she’s made. 

The Staff are always very welcoming and helpful.  They have no trouble in gaining her confidence and therefore encouraging good behaviour and kindness to others, both skills which are important to me. 

Management has also been really supportive. I only wish I found the Nursery earlier when I was looking for childcare with she was just a baby. 

All in all I am thoroughly happy with the level of care she receives and I’m certain that being in such a positive and happy environment has helped her develop into a confident and self-assured little girl she is now. I will definitely recommend Rainbow Smiles to other parents.

Eileen Hayford

After 3 years it's Louis's last day, How did that happen?!

Thank you so much to everyone who has looked after him for helping us to make him the wonderful little boy, sorry, big boy he is today. I am thrilled that this is not goodbye, Olive starts in November!

Anna & Rus Wetherall

A very big thank you to all the staff at Rainbow Smiles.

I am truly grateful to see Katriel grow over the months under  your care.

We are eternally grateful to you all.

Abigail Ndaeji

We have been really happy with the care our daughter has received at Rainbow Smiles. She loves going and has thrived in the atmosphere there. The staff are warm, friendly, fun and flexible with a good dose of common sense!.

Niki & Mark Henderson

Rainbow Smiles has been a wonderful environment for our children's development. The staff have been supportive, caring and loving;and we regard them all as an extended arm of the family.  I have complete confidence that my children have received the best care and support as they prepare for school and I would not hesitate in recommending Rainbow Smiles to anyone.

Michael Summerfield

We feel so fortunate to have made the right choice in sending our daughter to Rainbow Smiles, a home away from home. Not only do they have extremely caring and supportive staff but we also love their new IT system which informs us of her daily routines and suits our busy lifestyle.

Rahul Albuquerque

When deciding on a nursery for our daughter Suraya we were looking for a number of different elements such as healthy food menus, clean environment, experienced and friendly staff members etc.  Rainbow Smiles instantly made a positive impact on us as not only did it have everything we were looking for  it had more.  The convenience of having a preschool upstairs unlike many other nurseries, the parent portal which at the time was still under development however the model alone seemed like an amazing addition which would create a more detailed interaction between children, parents and the nursery.  Most importantly Suraya was comfortable the second she walked through the door which gave us as parents the piece of mind we were looking for when introducing Suraya to the nursery environment.

When Suraya started the nursery her eating patterns were not very good for a number of reasons, we feel that the plan of action that was incorporated to assist with this problem after having an in depth conversation with Tariq has had a very positive impact. Suraya has now been a member of Rainbow Smiles for over a year now and has gone from the nursery to the preschool were the staff made the transition period easy for her.  The recent implementation of the parent portal is an example of the dedication Rainbow Smiles has and makes it easier to keep track of what Suraya has been up to for the day.  Our daughter Suraya is a naturally smart and talented child and we feel that being at Rainbow Smiles has enhanced all these elements and will continue to do so due to the exceptional caring and management of all the staff members.

Many thanks  to the all the staff at Rainbow Smiles.

Gavin Samuels

You run an amazing Nursery!

Thank you so much for all the love and care you've given Ella over the years - she's absolutely flourished and that's in a great part because of Rainbow Smiles influence on her.

I'm thrilled to be proven wrong - never did I think my children would have such a happy, loving environment outside our home - they do at Nursery. Thank you.

P.S Thanks for taking my forceful feedback on board too !!!

Jane & Tony

My daughter was at Rainbow Smiles for 3 and a half years.  She was very happy at the nursery and always looked forward to her time with her friends and carers.  When I was viewing nurseries prior to my daughter's birth, I was very impressed with the warm and friendly atmosphere of Rainbow Smiles.   This continued throughout my daughter's time here.  The staff are loving and caring towards the children and we were very happy with the quality of care provided.  My daughter has enjoyed a rich variety of activities, has been encouraged in her early learning, has been on local trips out and trips further afield and has learned good manners and some golden rules of behaviour.  She is a happy, confident and sociable child and I thank the staff for their considerable involvement in this.

Tracey Smith

My eldest daughter has been at Rainbow Smiles since she was 9 months old and it is with much sadness that she will be leaving next week to go to school. She has made some wonderful friends and she will miss them and the staff a great deal. In all of the 3 rooms (baby, toddler & pre-school) she has been brilliantly looked after by the staff.  They have nurtured her and helped her to become the wonderful little girl she is today.  They have always been very loving and caring but also excellent at setting the boundaries.  There is a lovely friendly atmosphere at the nursery and I have always felt very happy leaving my children there. The portal is very impressive and a great way of finding out what the children have done during the day when sometimes the response to my question is "nothing" :).  My youngest daughter has just started in the baby room (and loves it!) and so our ties with Rainbow Smiles will happily continue.

Thank you so much to everyone.

Victoria Brittain

My daughter Lola-Rose joined Rainbow Smiles Nursery when she was just 10 months old and left just recently to join reception. Both the management team and staff at the nursery became extended family, not only to Lola but to our family as a whole.  As a full time working mother I will always be very grateful to the whole team for the consistent love, care and attention Lola received.  The nursery continually review and expand on their already high level of service. 

We hold Rainbow Smiles very close to our hearts and would recommend Tariq and his team to any family seeking childcare for their little ones.  We miss them all and will hope to keep in touch.

Hanna Alderman



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